Teacher Workshop

* Date : April 24-26

* PLACE: Global Plaza, Kyungpook National University

You are invited to attend a three-day teacher workshop to experience an inquiry approach to physics education. Working with master teachers from the United States, you will use real particle physics hardware and a web-based
“e-Lab” to study cosmic rays.
During the workshop, you will construct a classroom, particle detector, take cosmic ray data, explore the structure and tools of the e-Lab, conduct a cosmic ray investigation, and write an online poster. Your experience will reflect the kind of investigations your students can do.
Join an international collaboration of high school teachers and students who share data through the e-Lab in a global research community.

This workshop is held in conjunction with KILC12 (Joint ACFA Physics / Detector Workshop and GDE meeting on Linear Collider) and supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

* Program