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    Welcome to KILC12

    Linear Collider Physics/Detector Group of ACFA (Asian Committee for Future Accelerators) and GDE (Global Design Effort) of ILC (International Linear Collider) would like to invite the members of relevant high energy physics and accelerator communities to the joint ACFA physics and detector workshop and the GDE meeting on the International Linear Collider (KILC12 for short). It will be held in Daegu, Korea from Monday April 23rd through Thursday April 27th, 2012 at Hotel INTER-BURGO EXCO in Daegu, Korea.

    The ACFA workshop will be devoted to the study of the physics case for high energy linear electron-positron colliders, taking into account the recent results from LHC, and to review the progress in the detector. This meeting will be the important milestone to start writing the Technical Design Report for the accelerator and the Detailed Baseline Design Report for the detectors to be completed within 2012, including the review of the ILC cost estimation.

    The web page for the registration and information on the accommodation will open shortly. Since Daegu is a very historical city receiving constantly a large number of visitors, we encourage to register and make your travel arrangements as early as possible once the web page is opened.

    We look forward to seeing you in Daegu!

    Host & Sponsors:

      Center for High Energy Physics
      Center for Quantum Spacetime
      Radiation Science Research Institute
      Institute of Basic Science
      Kyungpook National University
      Daegu Metropolitan City
      Korea Tourism Organization